"Every minute that passes we find ourselves in a more worrying situation for Spain than the previous one," Ana Beltrán affirms after yesterday's meeting of the PSOE with ERC.

He affirms that in less than three days the Socialists have agreed on the Budgets in Navarra with Bildu-Batasuna, they have starred in an “offensive photo” with ERC, a party whose leaders are condemned by sedition, and the PNV “begins to put things on top of table".

He criticizes that Sánchez continues without giving explanations for his negotiations and for the ERE, “the biggest case of extortion, blackmail and buying of wills from Europe; a case more typical of the Sicilian mafia than of public servants ”.

It affects the Spaniards "we must know what Sánchez is negotiating with Bildu, with ERC" behind ", what will he give the PNV in exchange for supporting his investiture and Podemos for him to be with him in the Government.

He denounces that Chivite brought Bildu and Navarra Suma together with the sole objective of “bleaching their meeting” with the leftist Abertzale party.

He assures that Pedro Sánchez "only thinks of himself and of arriving at La Moncloa at any price." "He is a false president that we cannot trust and who, the least interested, is our country," he says.

Remember that Sanchez said he would not sleep peacefully if he agreed with Podemos and after 48 hours of the elections he already had an agreement with the radical left and was "agreeing and selling the Navarrese to nationalism."

He emphasizes that the PP is the only guarantee and alternative to “set foot on the wall” and defend Spain “from the excesses” of Pedro Sánchez.

He believes that "coherence counts a lot in politics" and Pablo Casado has proven it by offering pacts "on key issues for governance."

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