La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

He assures that he shares the criticisms of former President Felipe González to Pedro Sánchez: "They are absolutely true"

He explains that "the Government is degrading our institutions with continuous attacks on the Monarchy." "That we listen to the direct attacks of the vice president on the parliamentary monarchy is of enormous risk and generates a lot of concern"

"We have a government lacking in credibility, a government genuflecting and kneeling before its preferred partners, Bildu-Batasuna and the independentistas", censorship

It highlights that the actions of the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, as "political commissioner of the Government of Sánchez", produce the "disturbing feeling that Justice is no longer Justice"

He warns that Sánchez foresees a pact "budgets for prisoners". "They make their partners happy because they need them to continue in power, but we are not going to consent to pardons or penalty reductions," he announces

“We see a government incapable of managing the health crisis and of anticipating this second wave. Spain is the country with the highest rate of infections per 100,000 inhabitants and this is due to a clear management deficit of the Government of Spain. It is not a regional problem but a national problem, because 9 out of 10 European regions most affected are Spanish ”, he regrets

It states that "independent organizations have shown that the evolution of the pandemic in Spain is being more virulent and that is due to the lack of effective government management"

He emphasizes that “Sánchez has an obsession with attacking and discrediting Madrid” and is ugly by the double face that he shows: “In the morning he met with Ayuso

to sell support to the CAM while the PSOE proposed a demonstration against the president "

Remember that Madrid has been demanding for months a Barajas Plan and specific measures for the Community as a communication link, meanwhile, he assures, "Sánchez continues to do nothing"

It highlights that yesterday "unfortunately it was certified that Spain has a 17.8% drop in GDP, with an increasingly tragic business closure". “The Government does not give security and certainty to those who must invest. Investment means economic development and now it is difficult for companies to invest "

He explains that the PP asks for a reduction in taxes, less bureaucracy, more training for workers, extend the ERTE until April, increase the grace period for ICOs by one year, and much support for the tourism sector by implementing a super-reduced VAT system

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