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  • He maintains that, with the pact signed with Bildu, Sánchez has betrayed "other parties, their ministers, businessmen and workers and, most serious of all, ETA socialist victims and all Spaniards"
  • “Bildu's main concern is his gang and his prisoners, they have never cared about the workers. It is a party that is very clear about its objectives and its roadmap, "he points out.
  • He denounces that the extension of the state of alarm "has nothing to do with health interest" but with the fact that Sánchez "feels very comfortable in the exceptional nature of being able to do and undo as he pleases." "We are concerned that this will break the Constitution," he adds.
  • Regrets that while the Government pursues the concentrations that ask for freedom and criticize its management in this crisis, it allows those that demand the release of ETA prisoners
  • He criticizes that no member of the Executive, "neither the Interior Minister nor the Prime Minister himself", have said anything about the protests calling for the release of ETA prisoners, specifically Patxi Ruiz, the murderer of Tomás Caballero
  • He affirms that the PP, "the freedom party", respects that the rallies are held and that "people take to the streets, because there is a social outcry against Sánchez"
  • He stresses that the agreement reached this week is preceded by a pact signed between Bildu, Podemos and Catalan independence parties to free those convicted of sedition, and fears that the "third agreement" includes the release of ETA prisoners. "We are very attentive, because we still have sequences to see"

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