La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

The Deputy Secretary for Organization assures that the Sánchez Executive is not prepared to manage the economic crisis and that it does not generate certainty for the markets or companies

Beltrán asks for the vote for the PP + Cs coalition to end the "Basque nationalist empire of the PNV".

He pleads not to fragment in the ballot box the vote of the center-right that caused Bildu to win the last seat in Álava in the last elections.

Remember that Urkullu, far from being a moderate politician, "has a pro-independence and rupture project" for Spain, in which, like Bildu, he intends to include Navarra. "They are wolves in lambskin," he says..

Ask the Basques to go to the polls to kick nationalism and Bildu out of the government. "The Basques deserve a change," he says.

He values ​​the PP + Cs coalition led by Carlos Iturgaiz, which responds to "an act of generosity by both parties that have prioritized the interest of the Basques over partisan interests."

He believes that "in exceptional circumstances exceptional decisions must be made" and highlights the success of the coalition Navarra Sum.

He calls for "massive participation" in the Galician elections and support for Feijóo because it is an example of good management that "will guarantee the best future for Galicians against an amalgam of 10 parties."

He denounces that the Government is "obsessed by ideology" and that when he feels cornered he tries to divert the focus of attention.

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