La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

The deputy secretary of the Organization of the Popular Party and president of the Popular Party of Navarra, Ana Beltrán, said today that the words of the president of the Government of Navarra "embarrass all Navarrese and all Spaniards and show their submission to Bildu Batasuna." Beltrán has made these statements after hearing the statements of María Chivite made to a media outlet in which he indicated that "it seems that the right lived very well with ETA."

For the president of the Navarrese PP, these words are "unworthy" and cause "pain to all Democrats." For this reason, Beltrán has demanded an immediate rectification of the president of the Navarrese, before declarations that denote an “absolute lack of memory with all those who have suffered the violence of the terrorist band, including their own party”.

For the popular leader, "Chivite once again demonstrates that the socialists live on their knees to the heirs of ETA and all Basque nationalism, betraying the memory of all the victims."

Beltrán says that these statements are produced in the middle of a strategy of laundering Bildu, and his past, that yesterday had a precedent with the statements of the Secretary of Territorial Organization Santos Cerdán, who yesterday Monday, defended the need to “help everyone to political normalization ”of Bildu

"The first thing that Sanchez and Chivite have to demand from Bildu is that they condemn the murders, kidnappings and extortions of ETA." "We want to make it clear that the Popular Party is not willing to turn the page, or to forget so much pain and suffering that now President Sanchez wants to forget."

The president of the Navarrese PP believes that Cerdán's words are "an insult to all Spaniards." "We Democrats cannot see how normal the release of people condemned by the Justice of a democratic country such as Spain is requested," says Beltrán.

"The words of Chivite and Santos Cerdán obey the strategy of the Government of Spain, of assembling the puzzle so that the pieces of the assignments that they have agreed with the Basque nationalists and with Bildu Batasuna to make Sánchez president become fit", it states.

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