La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

He criticizes that Sánchez has preferred to meet before with a disabled president, who has asked for the independence of Catalonia, than with Pablo Casado

He affirms that Casado will attend the meeting "as always because the PP is a state party" and will ask "moderation, respect for the Magna Carta, and stop being a radical president."

He assures that the "equal to equal" treatment of Sánchez a Torra "is a contempt for Spain, the Constitution and the rule of law."

He denounces that Sanchez "takes one arm to the independentistas, the other to the heirs of ETA and, pushing them, United We Can".

He points out that “in exceptional circumstances, it is worth making an effort of exceptional agreements,” as was the case with Navarra Suma.

"Together we are more and it is good to be able to do that both in Catalonia and in the Basque Country because there is Damocles' sword of independence and nationalism," he says.

Stresses that in Galicia "there is no stalking of nationalism, the PP has an absolute majority and, therefore, there is no fragmentation of the right center."

He considers that the statements of the Foreign Minister about Juan Guaidó obey that "she was cornered and has no idea how to get out." "We still don't know the truth about the Ábalos meeting and Maduro's number two and the minister has to hide it."

He regrets that the Government gives transparency lessons when Ábalos refuses to answer on this question and to appear in an investigation commission, as requested by the PP.

He insists that the PP defends legal immigration, orderly and respecting human rights and vindicates the success of the labor reform that created millions of jobs and encouraged economic development.

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