• The right center cannot be divided for 10N because that means that Sanchez stays in La Moncloa. We ask the Spaniards for the effective vote, which is the vote that Pablo Casado represents because no other leader of the right center has certain possibilities of governing.
  • We cannot afford to waste votes in the right center that later do not become seats.
  • The effectiveness is in joining the vote to get the largest number of seats and avoid a leftist government supported by the independence.
  • The silent one grants and thus the current acting president was portrayed by not showing his face and avoiding answering President Casado's questions in the debate about whether he would agree with independentists, annexationists or heirs of ETA.
  • On Sunday you have to vote with your heart but more important if you can with your head. Spain is at a crossroads with two major challenges ahead. One to end the independence interests and the other to face the economic crisis that may come to us.
  • We are the party that guarantees from the Government of Spain security and confidence to the Spanish. Security because we are going to work to solve the worries of all Spaniards, those of each day, those of each one, without distinctions and trust, because we have already shown that we know how to create 7 million jobs during the biggest economic crisis ever lived in democracy.
  • The PP knows how to govern for everyone and leaves no one on the road. Together we are stronger and united we are more.

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