Ana Beltrán, durante su intervención en la Sesión de Control

• The Deputy Secretary for Organization of the PP reproaches the Interior Minister for depriving the State Security Forces and Bodies of protection and test material, abandoning them “to their fate when they are risking their lives in the front line at the service of the Spanish "

• He denounces that the Government "wants to stifle criticism of his management because what they seek is social submission to perpetuate himself in power", for which they desperately need control of social networks, the Prosecutor's Office, RTVE, the CIS and remove the Transparency Portal.

• "Say clearly that any opinion contrary to the government is false to you," he urged Marlaska. "Their only security policy is to intimidate and establish controls on society. And that's why they hide, cowardly, behind the Civil Guard ”, he pointed out.

• Stresses that for the Government "anything goes" to avoid "seeing their shame"; that it be discovered "that they are the Government of the world that has managed this pandemic the worst, the most incapable, the most negligent, that of constant improvisation"; and “that we count that Spain is the country in the world with the most deaths per inhabitant”.

• “It is evident that the Sánchez-Iglesias tandem has turned out to be lethal. Taking advantage of the dramatic human crisis that Spain is experiencing to steal our freedom is absolutely miserable ”.

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