The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PP, stresses that "The Popular Party has reached agreements with the center-right parties" while "we have an irresponsible president who is blocking the formation of a government."

"Spain can not afford a paralysis like the one we live in and that is causing clear symptoms of economic slowdown."

He affirms that today is a “relevant” day because in the Community of Madrid the PP policies will be maintained and will continue to be the national locomotive in job creation.

Stresses the announcement of lower taxes made yesterday Isabel Diaz Ayuso because the money has to be in the pocket of citizens and businesses.

Reiterates the "unequivocal support of Pablo Casado to Isabel Díaz Ayuso". He assures that "in the face of a socialist, selfish party and a Sánchez who only believes in Sánchez, Pablo Casado believes in Spain and the Spaniards."

He urges Pedro Sánchez to “step aside if he is not able to reach agreements and give way to another person from his party to unlock the political situation or that the PSOE refrain from forming a government chaired by Pablo Casado in front of the constitutionalist bloc.

Remember that in Navarra "the PSOE has collaborated to continue with the interested policy of annexation of Navarra to the Basque Country", despite the fact that the Navarra Suma coalition has obtained 40 percent of the votes and the Navarrese have mostly said they wanted to take government to Basque nationalism and Bildu.

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