Ana Botella presides over the delivery of titles of the 40 Promotion of the scale of NCOs of the Civil Guard

The 202 students who have completed their training today at the NCO Academy of San Lorenzo de El Escorial are part of the 402 Sub-officers of the Civil Guard of the 40th Promotion

The Secretary of State for Security, Ana Botella, has presided this Thursday at the Lonja de la Real Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial the ceremony of delivery of titles to 202 students of the scale of NCOs of the Civil Guard. These students are part of the 402 Sub-officers of the Civil Guard of the 40th Promotion.

"I have no doubt that, with the training and experience you have gained so far, you will face with illusion and determination the challenges that, as of today, will be presented to you as a result of your new responsibilities," said Botella in his speech. to the new NCOs.
The act was also attended by the General Director of the Civil Guard, Felix Azón; the deputy general director of Personnel, lieutenant general Francisco Díaz Alcatud; the head of the Teaching Headquarters, Brigadier General Francisco Espadas; and the director of the Academy of Non-Commissioned Officers of the Civil Guard, Antonio José Rodríguez-Medel, among other civil and military authorities.
The 40 Promotion of access to the NCO Scale of the Civil Guard is made up of 402 event sergeants, of whom 202 (192 men and 10 women) have completed their training at the NCO Academy of San Lorenzo del Escorial. The other 200 agents have been trained in the Academy of Cabos and Guards of Baeza (Jaén).
The Secretary of State for Security has addressed a few words to those 10 women who have received their titles today as non-commissioned officers of the Civil Guard. "The commitment to equality of the Civil Guard goes beyond a mere statistical commitment, it is about women occupying the rightful place in their professional career, we agree that there is still a long way to go, but the thirty years of women in the Civil Guard are three decades of courage, effort and commitment, "he said.
The 402 sergeants of this promotion started the course on September 11, 2018. The corporals and civil guards who overcame the selective tests that enabled them to access this promotion have an average experience in the Civil Guard that exceeds the eight years.


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