The deputy of the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Valencian Courts, Ana María Cerdán, has expressed today his concern during the commission of Economy by the lack of test for all Valencians and has criticized that Of the 25 questions he has asked María José Mira, commissioner of the Generalitat for the coordination of supplies by Covid-19, he has only answered two.

Cerdán has asked Mira: "We are five million Valencians. Are we going to have a test for everyone?" But he has not obtained a concrete answer.

Also, the VOX deputy has made Mira ugly that the Consell was spent during the crisis six million euros in institutional advertising, "Self-propaganda", and that instead they have only been destined 200,000 euros to buy test.

The VOX economy spokeswoman has regretted the opacity and the lack of transparency of the Consell with contracts in the acquisition of sanitary products, products that, as he stressed, "They have not reached the most urgent destination, the health personnel, the Civil Guard, the National Police and prison officials. And when it has arrived, it has been late and in poor condition"

Regarding the field hospitals, which are paralyzed and unused after a waste of 10 million euros for public coffers, Cerdán has questioned their construction and that they have been completed much later than planned and promised by Ximo Puig. And you asked if there is any kind of penalty for not complying with the provisions agreed.

Dance of millions

Finally, the VOX deputy has criticized the scandalous "dance of millions”In contracts for the purchase of medical supplies to deal with the pandemic. Some expenses, which, as stated: "The opposition cannot control because invoices are not published and the Ministry of Transparency says that it does not have the documentation" For Cerdán the Botanical performance is a real hoax, a scam to all Valencians.

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