La Vicepresidenta Segunda del Congreso y Portavoz del GPP en la Comisión para la Reconstrucción

The GPP spokesperson in the Reconstruction Commission stresses that there is still time to reach an agreement, so she calls for general interests to take precedence over the political interest of the moment, otherwise "those who are going to pay for it are future generations."

• "We have a great opportunity to reach a pact for Health", says Ana Pastor, who adds that "if we are not able to understand what is important, the magnificent health system of our country, which protects us all equally, will not be strengthened "

• He believes that "we must give a new impetus and a new reform to our health system", for which it is necessary to have financial resources because otherwise nothing will be done.

• Defends the creation of a National Agency for Public Health and healthcare quality, made up of two representatives from each Autonomous Community, under the coordination of the General State Administration, where all decisions regarding public health are raised.

• He emphasizes that at the moment there are more than 50 outbreaks of Covid-19 in Spain, for which it is necessary to approve measures urgently.

• “It is essential to properly organize resources with coordinated and reinforced protocols, improve healthcare, promote hospitalization at home, have an urgent action plan against a future pandemic, create a microbiology network, a professional strategy reserve and of sanitary products, and to strengthen the external health ”.

• Denounces that "airports are currently failing to control the virus."

• Considers the amendment to the GPP that proposes “the development of the Law for the organization of the health professions and the human resources plan of the system as a whole” key. "There must be new specialties, more professionals and job stability," he stresses.

• Ask for a schedule of who will be vaccinated this fall, how many vaccines to buy, and a unique vaccination schedule in Spain.

• Claims to increase investment in R + D + i to 2% of GDP. “Medicine is innovation, they are living and changing strategies. For this reason, it is essential that the Ministry recover the Carlos III Health Institute and the Biomedical Health Institutes that should never have left the Ministry, ”he says. • Remember all the victims of the pandemic and praise the work of health professionals.

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