La vicepresidenta segunda del Congreso, Ana Pastor

Holders of his speech:

• The GPP spokesperson in the Reconstruction Commission affirms that "the best tribute" to the victims of the virus and "to the sacrifice" of the health workers "is that, from Congress, we work and put all our efforts into achieving a Pact of State for Health, the Cajal Pact as we have called it in the GPP ”.

• It requires that no dark or secret pacts or agreements written in advance arise that annul the meaning of the Commission.

• Stresses that the Cajal Pact "is the way to strengthen our National Health System and have the capacity to respond to exceptional situations such as a pandemic", and calls for work to be done "with a view to it", as in the agreements reached in the Transition or in the Pact of Toledo.

• In order to materialize “the great Cajal Pact”, it proposes a Work Plan of four days a week that, attending to the largest number of health experts and from
"A correct diagnosis" lays the foundations for "global proposals that serve as conclusions and concrete measures to be implemented".

• He points out that the GPP Work Plan includes great proposals, including the creation of a National Agency for Public Health and Quality of Care.

• It also addresses the review of the hospital structure and processes of the health care model and talk about Health in rural areas, the new role of primary and community care or human resources and public health, with the creation of a portfolio of public health services.

• It also raises Telemedicine, Predictive Medicine -with the use of big data and artificial intelligence to predict the probability of suffering a
disease-, as well as the Promotion of R + D + i and the production of vaccines "as a strategic objective" of the country so as not to depend exclusively on third parties.

• It also addresses the health and pharmaceutical industries, including the availability of strategic supplies and strategic reserves, the coordination of health and social services, and the updating of the health regulatory framework.

• “Democracy and the Welfare Society are two inseparable realities, two faces of the same story that all Spaniards have written and that are, without
no doubt, a success story, and Healthcare is one of the pillars that supports this Welfare State ”, he proclaims.

• He praises "the excessive and generous effort" of health professionals: "With their work, they have proven to be the greatest and most valuable asset of our system

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