Ana Pastor, Vicepresidenta del Congreso y Portavoz del Partido Popular en la Comisión para la Reconstrucción

The GPP spokesperson in the Commission for Reconstruction stresses that the PP "will not get up from the chair" of the negotiation to reinforce the health system with a great State Pact, because there is still much to do and there is scope until it is debated the opinion in plenary

He warns that "he would not want to collaborate in an agreement or in a compact that is a dead letter", so he calls for a clear commitment to financing

He stresses that "the great change in healthcare must come from the hand of more professionals and more media"

He emphasizes the importance of the PP's proposals for the future of Spanish Health: "I would be very sorry if a moment like this was not used to strengthen our health system"

He assures that "the pandemic has revealed that our health system, which is good, has some seams that are a little loose." "And the pandemic is still here," he adds.

Calls on the Executive that, in addition to accepting the PP's proposals for the strategic reserve of critical health products for a pandemic and the Human Resources Plan for the occupational stability of health workers, incorporate into the Pact the creation of a National Public Health Agency

It wants a National Public Health Agency that is "a true organ and manager" in future pandemics "with all resources": the National Center for Epidemiology, the control of microbiology laboratories and prevention and vaccination campaigns, with more personnel and resources

Emphasizes the importance of having a well-defined strategic stock of critical healthcare products "to know what resources are necessary"

"What some call reserve doctors was in the Cajal Plan of the PP, which we define as a pool of toilets. It is about having people who are willing to mobilize, and the Professional Colleges can be very helpful in this, "he says.

He reiterates that the Government was late to the pandemic: "The virus had entered the kitchen of our houses"

"The most important thing in a pandemic is to act quickly so that there are not thousands of cases, and since the WHO alerted the pandemic on January 20, no relevant decision was taken: neither material was collected, nor was a virus that was easily transmitted ”, he stresses.

The also second vice president of Congress regrets that the PSOE has rejected the PP's proposal to give extra pay for all health professionals

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