Ana Pastor, Vicepresidenta del Congreso y Portavoz del Partido Popular en la Comisión para la Reconstrucción

He advocates achieving a pact for all groups in health matters because "this is what health professionals and all Spaniards expect so that the health system will emerge stronger from this crisis"

It urges all parties to think that "working together we do better and we are more effective."

He explains that the creation of a Public Health and Healthcare Quality Agency "is not a recentralizing element but a tool so that communities have a chair for the co-governance of public health."

It highlights that the document of conclusions has already incorporated measures proposed by the PP as a human resources plan that gives job stability to thousands of health professionals who have been in the interim for years, the elimination of the rate of replacement of personnel, the strategic reserve of critical sanitary products and the creation of a technological renovation map.

He asked for the support of the groups to include in the conclusions two fundamental measures for the PP: the creation of a calendar of legislative reforms in the health field and the incorporation of an article so that new measures would be financed with the necessary resources.

He considers it important for patients to be incorporated and participate in the decisions of the national health system.

Regarding public health, it proposes a plan of action against pandemics and the creation of a network of microbiology laboratories coordinated with the National Center for Microbiology.

He highlights that the PP considers it essential to establish a national plan for digital transformation to provide primary care with more technological means.

It highlights the progress that would have to have a unique and shared medical history and achieve a common service portfolio.

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