La vicepresidenta segunda del Congreso, Ana Pastor

The spokesperson in the GPP Reconstruction Commission welcomes the agreement on European funds by COVID, but stresses that "the Brussels document is an amendment that Europe has made to Sánchez's policy: you will receive funds if you make reforms"

He affirms that with "the drama" of more than 40,000 people killed by COVID it is "shameful" that shows such as yesterday's applause can be given

He warns that Sánchez goes "in the opposite direction" of the model of economic growth and recovery that the PP defends

He points out that telling the truth about things that are done wrong "with education and forcefulness", as the PP does, is not twitching

He stresses that in the vote on the opinion of the Reconstruction Commission on social matters he won "something as important as the Constitution and the freedom of parents to choose education for their children"

He vindicates the GPP proposals included in the Health reconstruction agreement, such as the creation of the Public Health and Healthcare Quality Agency, because “we cannot forget that we still have a pandemic and we must reinforce what failed: the epidemiological surveillance system and public health ”

"Hospitals, doctors or nurses did not fail, but on January 30 the WHO issued an alert and that alert was not heeded, nor did they have any PPE or anything else," warns Avisa that to reach an agreement for reconstruction in the economic area, it is necessary to bet on policies that reactivate employment, recover the economy and facilitate the growth of companies, as the PP claims with proposals to expand the ERTE, specific plans for "heavily punished" sectors such as the tourism or incentives for those who have the worst time, such as small businesses

Regrets that there is no specific commitment to care for the Unit with sufficient resources, of which 50% corresponds to the State

He warns that Sánchez has already been president for more than two years, and that when COVID arrived, “we were already in an asymmetric position” regarding the path of growth and job creation left by the PP

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