Ana Pastor en las jornadas

Urges to overcome the ideological debate on the management model and calls for joint and homogeneous solutions to be found together with "sufficient and stable financing"

Ensures that our health professionals constitute the backbone of the National Health System
"What has happened to Spain with Covid? It has not been a crisis of hospitals or health centers. It has been a Public Health crisis that has caused a health crisis because we have been late, badly and dragging along, "he emphasizes
It affirms that it is necessary to reinforce the services of external Health and primary, hospital and socio-sanitary attention. "We need a state pact for health. The Cajal Pact ”, he underlines
Argue that front to pandemic I know have of take action to short and large term:
-Cajal Agreement.
-National Agency for Public Health and Quality of Care
-HRR plan in the National Health System
-Health technology renewal plan
-Strategic Reserve Plan for medical devices and drugs
-Network of microbiology laboratories
-Calendar of legislative reforms
Ask to modify the General Health Law, the Cohesion and Quality Law of the National Health System, the General Law of Public Health, among other
He explains that "Health is a key engine of the Spanish and world economy". "We are talking about some of the best valued services that directly affect our quality of life," he adds.
Announces that the reconstruction commission's conclusions have included more than 60 PP amendments aimed at strengthening the national health system ”
"We must establish how many measures can encourage and promote research and development in our health system"Emphasizes
He praises the career of Professor Barbacid, a doctor of chemical sciences, with whom he worked in the governments of President Aznar. "He is a great molecular oncologist who has contributed a great deal to the treatment and knowledge of cancer," he underlines.

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