Ana Pastor, Vicepresidenta del Congreso y Portavoz del Partido Popular en la Comisión para la Reconstrucción

  • The second vice president of the Congress of Deputies denounces that the Executive is on vacation before the "second wave" of the pandemic just as it was in March 8.
  • He insists that the highest authority in a pandemic is still the Minister of Health because "the virus does not understand Autonomous Communities, it infects people." "We cannot be at the risk of each one doing something different."
  • "There are many things that have to be done and are not being done," says Pastor, who recalls that the Congress of Deputies approved a document with health measures that are not being implemented, such as the creation of the Agency National Health.
  • He denounces the lack of a plan by the Ministry as well as the “permanent improvisation” that generates uncertainty for citizens. "It is a government that improvises, arrives late and citizens do not know what to expect."
  • "We have an individual responsibility," explains Pastor, but the Executive "is missing when you have to assume responsibilities."
  • It regrets that the Royal Decree of new normality approved by Congress continues without being processed as a bill, as Salvador Illa promised, to be able to introduce measures requested by both the Popular Party and the medical professionals and associations.
  • It demands a protocol for returning to classrooms due to the lack of specificity in the Royal Decree, which only contemplated as a measure the social distance of one and a half meters. “Leave everything in the air. It is urgent that there are unique criteria so that children start the school year on equal terms ”.

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