La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Ana Pastor

Holders of his speech:

  1. The GPP spokesperson in the Recovery Commission stresses that "the main lines" with which the PP goes to said Commission are those of "working with and for
    the Spanish ”:“ We have many challenges ahead and we sit down eager to reach agreements; we extend a hand to everyone ”.

  2. It calls "to have confidence because we have the method and we have the framework." "The method is that spirit of agreement, harmony, dialogue and collaboration practiced these 40 years," he adds, "and the framework is our Constitution."

  3. He emphasizes that "since the devastating effects of the pandemic began to be seen in Spain, the PP insisted that Congress be the field in which
    raise, elucidate and define the major lines of action that should have and still need to be addressed to face a crisis of such great scope. "

  4. He points out that the PP's proposal for Congress to be the scope of work for the Recovery is "inseparable" with transferring to citizens "unequivocally and transparently, with light and stenographers, everything we carry out, from conformity with constitutional legality ”.

  5. He underlines that "the first objective" of the Commission is to establish "a clear diagnosis", with "future-oriented guidelines" based on the lessons learned.

  6. He points out that "the road map" for the Commission's work "is marked by the context" of recovering lost normality, "keeping under control" any other virus in the future and reactivating the economy of our country.

  7. It proclaims that "the guiding principle of the activities of the Commission must be transparency, for which the Popular Parliamentary Group has always advocated."

  8. He opposes "the atomization" of work in groups or compartments, because "all the activity must take place in the Plenary of the Commission", where the experts must also appear "in a greater number than what has been proposed so far".

  9. Expresses its condolences to the families of the more than 27,000 people who died from the coronavirus, their desire for a speedy recovery for the sick and their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of all the professionals who have worked on the front line against the virus, especially the toilets.

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