He affirms that “VOX suits the PSOE” and, therefore, intends to continue doing what he did in the campaign. "Yesterday, everyone was portrayed for what it is: the PSOE, which requested a sanitary cordon from Vox, allowed it to be on the Bureau to ensure the First Vice Presidency and Vox, who complained about the sanitary cordon, applied it to Citizens" , complaint.

He described yesterday's session as “embarrassing” by the compliance formulas of the constitution of some deputies. In addition, "cases were identified that are clearly incompatible with the Constitution because they rejected its legitimacy or its democratic character," so the PP will bring it to the table and will appeal it to the TC.

It highlights the initiative of the Popular Group to modify the Regulations of the Congress and that the compliance formula be limited to a ‘yes, I swear’ or a ‘yes, I promise’, without additions that empty, limit or condition your own sense.

Stresses that "Parliament is the center of our democracy and our political life", so it ensures that the PP will contribute to "the activity of the House has an impact on the lives of the Spanish, the law is always fulfilled and defend the unity of Spain and our nation ”.

He reproaches Sanchez for continuing without “showing his face” and without talking about “the real problems of the people”, such as unemployment; nor of the ERE ruling, "the greatest case of corruption in the history of all of Europe."

Remember that Sanchez is sitting with those who "want to break Spain", with "parties whose leaders are fleeing or in jail", and "still do not go to the PP", which "is not welcome in a democratic country." "We will always be there to work for Spain," he says.

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