The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia have agreed to give their consent to the signing of a Social Dialogue Agreement with the Andalusian Government and the most representative Trade Union Centers, CCOO and UGT, whose main objective is to reactivate economic and social of Andalusia putting the company at the center of decision-making.

Given the serious health, economic and social crisis that is unfolding, the governing bodies of CEA have understood that the Social Dialogue is the ideal framework to give an adequate response to this situation, since it allows, by consensus, to promote the resolution of economic issues. and social, encourage good governance, improve peace and social and labor stability, as well as boost economic progress.

Given the persistence of the health crisis and its effects on the economy and employment, it is considered a priority to lay the foundations for a dialogue response and the result of an agreement that, on the one hand, strengthens the elements of prevention, expands technical and human measures and necessary regulations to prevent the risks of outbreaks; and, on the other hand, that it incorporate measures to maintain the protection of companies and employment, as well as others aimed at promoting economic recovery and reviving the most affected sectors.

The signing of this Agreement would be part of the concretion of the actions that CEA has been developing since the beginning of the pandemic and that it has had the opportunity to expose on repeated occasions, as in the meeting held with SSMM the Kings of Spain on June 29 , also at the closing of the CEOE Business Summit on June 25 and, more recently, through the presence of the President of CEA, Javier González de Lara, in the Commission for Economic Reactivation of the Andalusian Parliament.

In all these areas, CEA has made a firm commitment to Social Dialogue, the concretion of which must be achieved in the document that has been negotiating on a tripartite basis since the beginning of June and can be signed in the coming days.

Other current affairs

On the other hand, in the context of the joint meeting of the Committee and Board of Directors of CEA, it has been informed of the actions that it is carrying out to promote economic activity and employment in our Community.

Thus, the work that is being carried out to follow up the different regulations that have been promulgated under the Decree Law or Order of the Ministry of Health, with a clear business impact, all without neglecting others that They continue their usual development as those related to housing, circular economy or telework, the latter at the national level.

The agreements of the last Brussels Summit have also been the subject of analysis due to the relevance that the 140,000 million provided by the so-called recovery funds have for our country, as well as their orientation and accessibility towards companies, to promote sustainability and guarantee the competitiveness of our productive fabric.

In this sense, CEA also proposes an equitable distribution for Andalusia of said European recovery funds, taking into account their GDP, population and unemployment rate. After the great agreement signed within the European Union, it is time for the generosity and territorial solidarity that allows the maintenance of public services and especially health services. Likewise, it is necessary to guarantee by the State the financing of local corporations and city councils, specifically, solving the controversy that arises over the remaining treasury.

Likewise, the impact that the crisis is having on the different economic sectors has been analyzed, especially in the case of tourism, which in the middle of the campaign shows negative occupancy data and unfavorable expectations.

Finally, the governing bodies have made a general call to continue with prevention measures by everyone, in order to minimize any health risk and avoid a return to confinement situations, which would have even more damaging consequences for much of economic and business activity, with the consequent drop in demand and its impact on business activity and unemployment.

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