The Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia, CEA, believes that economic activity is showing signs of slowdown as a result of the economic slowdown, mainly in the euro zone, and that we enter the final stretch of the year full of uncertainties: economic growth down in the middle of instability International for the commercial war and Brexit.

Therefore, it is necessary to take measures that encourage productive investment in different sectors and offer security to the company to invest and generate employment. This also requires political stability that favors this type of action.

Registered unemployment data

On the other hand, as is traditional, the unemployment data recorded in August is always negative for employment, as a result of the end of the holiday campaign and the stoppage in construction and also in the industry in the summer period.

But, on this occasion, it has not been as negative as in previous years, since the labor market in Andalusia has resisted better than national, with an increase of 0.76% compared to 1.81% national, especially thanks to the behavior of the agricultural sector. In addition, compared to the same period of previous years, the increase in unemployment has been lower: 5,690 in 2019, 8,284 in 2018 and 17,094 in 2017.

In conclusion, the trend – seeing the interannual data – remains positive. In the last twelve months, Andalusian companies have continued to create jobs. Therefore, CEA recalls that it is essential to have a stable government framework in the State.

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