The Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia, CEA, and Ecoembes have organized a colloquium breakfast at the headquarters of the Andalusian business organization under the motto of “The Circular Economy, a shared responsibility”, which has been convened with the objective of promoting this activity, both in the public and private spheres. oriented to sustainable growth and respect for the environment.

The general secretary of CEA, Luis Fernández-Palacios, has opened this colloquium with a few words of welcome, in which he has emphasized the fact that the resources are finite and that it corresponds now, more than ever, promote an increasingly responsible business activity, human and green, that develops a sustainable economy as a legacy to future generations. Likewise, Fernández Palacios said that in this purpose the use of new technologies and innovation is key to reducing the environmental footprint of the current productive and social system.

For his part, the director of Local and Regional Management of Ecoembes, Ángel Hervella, said it is crucial to strengthen collaboration between companies and the public sphere and, of course, innovation and education. "The Circular Economy is a concept – he said – that we must assume and apply as an individual and community, which is generating new business models based on the principles of longevity, renewal, reuse, repair, collaboration and dematerialization." He also advocated a plural governance model based on the Quality of Decision Making and Acceptance, in other words, a realistic model so that it does not generate expectations of difficult and impossible achievement.

The territorial delegate of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development in Seville, María Isabel Solís Benjumea, and David Guevara, delegate of the Area of ​​Ecological Transition and Sports of the City of Seville, have agreed to highlight the importance of public collaboration to offer and to design the measures that our society and companies need, and the need to count on the collaboration of entrepreneurs and consumers because "it is first and foremost a shared responsibility".

In this same sense, the participants of this colloquium, moderated by Manuel Mingorance, president of the Business Council of Environment of CEA, in which Tomas González, president of APROCOM; Juan Moreno, president of the Consumer Union of Andalusia; Juan Antonio Sainz de Medrano, Manager of the Commonwealth of Guadalquivir; Álvaro González Zafra, general secretary of CAEA; Jorge Romero Arjona, regional director of RREE de Mercadona; María Segura de la Monja, responsible for Food Safety and Environment of ACES; Mauricio Domínguez-Adame, director of CSR of Heineken; María José Cupido; Director of Environment of Ayre Hoteles; Francisco Valero, delegate of Andalusia LIDL; Carlos J. Bejarano, general secretary of FAEL; José Suárez de Recilec and Emilio Benítez Flores of LIPASAM.

Participants have shared their experiences in waste management, the fight against food waste, the reduction of plastics and bags, and in energy efficiency and water consumption. They have also analyzed projects such as the future PIRec (Comprehensive Waste Plan for a Circular Economy), the management of the Circular Economy in Andalusia and the situation of e-commerce waste management and other local, county and provincial recycling measures.

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