On the occasion of its 40th Anniversary, the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia, CEA, has celebrated a day, under the title of “Foundations and companies: social commitment to Andalusia ”, which has revealed the coincidence of the social function developed by both companies and foundations, as well as the main current issues in relation to the management of the latter.

The day, held at the headquarters of the Cajasol Foundation, had in its inauguration with the president of the CEA, Javier González de Lara; the president of the CAJASOL Foundation, Antonio Pulido; and the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Junta de Andalucía, Manuel Alejandro Cardenete. Likewise, the Andalusian Associations and Foundations, AFA, has actively participated for its organization and call.

In its intervention González de Lara highlighted the social commitment of companies and foundations with Andalusia and explained that the foundations and business organizations coincide in their action in favor of the general interest and social interest. They also agree that the vast majority of its members are companies and entrepreneurs, because "there are many foundations whose origin is the way companies have to articulate their relationship with civil society, to achieve that general interest."

The president of CEA said that representative business organizations are not lobbies that pursue the particular interest of their members, but are "organizations that promote the general interest through a business vision of society." “We are actors,” he said, “of civil society, entitled to represent companies and contribute to the general well-being of all, participating not only in labor relations issues, but in all those that have an economic and social significance ”.

At the inauguration of the event, the president of the Cajasol Foundation, Antonio Pulido, said that “all of us here are aware of the important work carried out by the foundations in our society, supporting education, the provision of health services, the scientific research or the dissemination of culture and art, to name just a few areas. ”

The president of the Cajasol Foundation pointed out that “we must consolidate the spaces of collaboration between foundations and companies, seek new formulas of mutual support, innovate permanently, strengthen ties with society to always act for the benefit of it with that criterion of commitment social presiding over these days are long-term tasks, but at the same time urgent ”.

After the opening ceremony, the day continued with the presentation of several presentations. The first by the president of the Council of Transparency and Data Protection of Andalusia, Manuel Medina Guerrero, who addressed "Transparency in Andalusian Foundations". Next, the “Collaboration formulas between companies and foundations” were analyzed by Candelaria Parladé, de Montero & Aramburu Abogados, and by Ana Ordoñez Muñoz, responsible for Advice of AFA (Andalusian Associations and Foundations).

Francisco José Fernández Romero, from Cremades and Calvo Sotelo, presented a paper on “Compliance and Responsibility” in which he presented the legal obligations that must be taken into account by employers and managers of Foundations in the development of their activity. Finally, it was the turn of interventions of the day John Scade, general director of MAS Business and president of Masimpact Labs, who talked about "Measurement of social and business impact ”.

This day is part of the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the constitution of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia that, under the motto “Generating progress”, deals with these acts to expose the Andalusian society, especially its companies, the challenges that lie ahead. The act has had the sponsorship from Cajasol Foundation, Bankia, Caja Rural del Sur, Nedgia Andalucía Naturgy Group, Antea Forecast, Costasol de Hypermercados, Orange, Cosentino and Garántia.

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