The opening act of this day has had the participation of the Secretary General of CEA, Luis Fernández-Palacios, Y Beatriz Barbeyto, President of the Training Commission of CEA and Vice President of CECAP Andalucía. Those who have highlighted the importance of digitization in the training activity, since "It is indisputable that training can not be alien to this great process of transformation ".

In this inaugural act, it has also been assured that "training systems have quickly taken advantage of the advantages offered by digitization" and that, in addition, "the training has been and is one of the business sectors pioneers in these great technological changes ".

In this activity, the Office of Digital Transformation (OTD) of CEA, have participated professionals, businessmen and representatives of organizations in the productive sector of training.

Presentations presented

The turn of the papers presented in this day of the DTO of CEA, began in the first place with the intervention of Jesús Fernández Acevedo, lawyer, consultant specialist in Data Protection, and Treasurer of the Spanish Professional Association of Privacy, who explained the application of regulations in relation to the data provided by companies and students and how to protect their security, a topic of great importance for the process of digitalization of companies and organizations dedicated to training.

Then, Sergio Oliva Ayllón, expert in integral management of training, manager of Grupo SIPADÁN, which is a company dedicated to the management of the formation of companies in all its aspects, spoke about the opportunities of digitization at the service of training, like new technologies, such as intelligence, that help learning processes.

Finally and before the development of the colloquium between speakers and attendees to the day, closed the round of presentations Marisa Cosmen Alonso, Responsible for the Customer Service Unit of the FUNDAE.

Digital transformation offices

The Digital Transformation Offices set up throughout Spain by the Ministry of Economy and Business, through the public entity, have a global budget of five million euros. The actions to be carried out will be financed by the Multiregional Operational Program of Spain (POPE), European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) for the programming period 2014-2020 and under the slogan "A way of doing Europe" which has among its objectives to improve the use, quality and access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

This initiative is carried out in parallel with the "Digital Advisors" Aid Program, endowed with another five million euros through the same type of European Funds and aims to carry out Digitalization Plans that help SMEs incorporate

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