Reiterates that the PP was and is committed to "the right side of democracy and history"

"We want to remember not to forget, because keeping alive the legacy and memory of the victims of terrorism, Miguel Ángel Blanco, is one of the reasons for being that identifies us and leads us to want to be part of the Popular Party," he says. Levy, yrRemember that Miguel Ángel Blanco was killed for wanting a Spain and a better society. "Miguel Ángel Blanco was not against anyone, he was in favor of everyone."
He claims to be proud to be part of a party that understood and continues to understand that it is very important to keep alive the legacy that millions of Spaniards in unison shouted in the streets of all Spain, "the cry that put in value the end of political defeat of ETA "yreitera that the PP was and is committed to "the right side of democracy and history."
He emphasizes that the City Council of Madrid has committed itself in the 2020 budget to make a monument to the victims of terrorism in the Plaza de Colón andone in value the spirit of NN.GG, the political generation that is forged in its ranks and the non-conformist way of understanding politics.
Criticizes that Vice President Carmen Calvo talk about socialist cards that must be taken to defend feminism. Ensures that this is also the raison d'etre of nationalism that wants to impose a closed identity also from the public powers and not a society in coexistence and among equals.

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