Holders of their statements before the media:

• Considers that 8M is a day of celebration "for all the achievements and vindication for all those obstacles that remain to be overcome in terms of equality."

• He affirms that “if we make the struggle for equality a partisan and ideological struggle, we will not achieve the necessary objectives to guarantee real equality between men and women”.

• Denounces that in the Coalition Government “there are more and more problems and disagreements” with cases such as Ábalos, the competition between Ministers Calvo and Montero or the management of the coronavirus. "Moncloa has become bungles s.a." asserts

• Affirms that we have a government that "is not focused", in which there are more problems than consensus, "more fudge than laws" and "a struggle of egos to see who gets the medal."

• Regarding the coronavirus, it sends a message of tranquility while recommending caution and paying attention to the health authorities to contain the contagion.

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