Andrés Lorite durante el debate en el Pleno del Real Decreto-Ley 26/2020

Urges the Minister of Public Works to give urgent explanations about the adjustment of the Avila highway in which two high officials of his Ministry would be involved, because the shadow of corruption hangs over his Department, "like every time the PSOE governs"

 He reproaches the minister for publishing norms lacking direction and ambition, "in his image and likeness", such as "the poor, insufficient and scarce" Royal Decree 26/2020 that "suffers from an undisguised lack of commitment and a patent absence of dialogue with professional organizations ” GPP Transport spokesperson, Ábalos:“ Spain needs a full-time minister. You have been absent from the matters that your Ministry has to manage for two years, because your priority is to act as organizational secretary of the PSOE ” You blame the Government for“ the pernicious uncertainty and lack of security for travelers ”that your continuous rectifications have favored in the field of air transport, and shows their concern about the possible increase in airport tariffs that would lead to the Decree of the 'new normality'  Defends the “effective” proposal proposed by the President of the Community of Madrid to carry out a test 48 hours before starting the flight that would bring tourists to Spain: “Every time Ábalos visits the airport, he puts on a little edifying spectacle: the episode of the suitcases and his early morning meeting with number two of the dictatorial regime of Venezuela has been followed by a new airport episode whose sole objective was to insult Díaz Ayuso, who was loyally and responsibly proposing a effective measure in epidemiological matters ” Warns that Royal Decree 26/2020 is also“ insufficient ”in relation to“ the postponement of tax debts in the port area ” Requires Ábalos to replace the services in rail transport that were offered before the declaration of the state of alarm, "some cuts that are affecting the entire national territory, especially rural areas, as it is a service that supports and unites our country"  Complaint that the Executive forgets the taxi sector in regulation 26/2020: “It is not even mentioned in the text, discriminating it in the moratoriums for the contracts of loans, leasing and renting of fleet renewal

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