The 25th Anniversary business meeting of ANGECO, the National Association of Collection Management Entities, has been held at the Palacio de Santoña in Madrid. It has been attended by more than 110 businessmen and representatives of the most important business organizations in our country such as the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME), and the Spanish Compliance Association (ASCOM) .

An act of a growing association that has companies whose essential function has indicated Alejandro Zurbano, President of ANGECO, "is to provide solutions to companies to receive their payments on time, provide solutions to citizens to be financially solvent again and ultimately provide solutions to society to ensure a more sustainable and safe economy for all"

Throughout the inauguration in which they participated the Deputy Director General of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, Elsa Salvadores, the President of FENCA, Claus Spedtsberg and Aurelio López de Hita, Vice President of CEPYME It was possible to reaffirm the idea that, in a normalized economic system, of a developed country such as Spain, the debt recovery process carried out by ANGECO companies is vital. And this as noted by President of ANGECO " because credit has to flow for the development and growth of all, both companies and individuals but also because so that the system does not break, the credit cycle must continue advancing and return to continue feeding the confidence of both the credit issuing entities and of consumers"

In the same line the President of FENCA, Claus Spedtsberg, He valued ANGECO and recognized that it is one of the most heard associations from Europe in the sector.

The opening conference was of Miguel Ángel Pérez-Laguna, CEO of Humans in the Office, where aspects of the managerial function were exposed from the humanistic perspective and the need for “any business and economy starts from an authentic human revolution where the company's culture is reflected with the stories of our teams and reflected in human behaviors. ”

The event also took place recognition delivery by ANGECO to certain personalities who, due to their trajectory and professionalism in the recovery sector, are part of the history of the association in these 25 years. Acknowledgments made in the persons of José Ignacio Arribas Fiel, Eduardo Alonso Fernández-Pacheco, Melania Sebastián Marino, Cristina Aparicio Tordera, José Ricardo Cadena Chiriboga, Benito Tamayo Hernáez, Alberto Cebrián Olleros, Carles García Pons, Fernando Borras Correa and Manuel Medina González.

Likewise, institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce, CEPYME and CEOE were recognized as entities that have supported the work carried out by ANGECO since its inception.

We end with an emotional message from Antonio Garamendi President of CEOE that recognized the work that is done by ANGECO and its associated companies, as well as the fundamental character that it contributes in the cycle of the economy.

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