Jerez de la Frontera, November 13, 2020. – The VOX deputy in the Parliament of Andalusia, Angela Mulas, is going to demand that the regional government provide Andalusian hospitals with more plastic surgeons to perform breast reconstructions at women who have suffered from breast cancer.

After a meeting with the Association of Mastectomized Women of Jerez, Ángela Mulas has known first-hand the demands of this group that is being seen heavily affected by restrictions adopted in the health system during the pandemic.

The president of the association, María José López, has conveyed to the deputy that, although the problem of the lack of plastic surgeons is widespread throughout Andalusia, the situation worsens at the Jerez hospital that, with the arrival of the pandemic, “it has been shown that it has become small”.

In this sense, Ángela Mulas will also ask Parliament about the implantation of a Reinforced Plastic Surgery Unit to lighten waiting lists. It should be remembered that, last summer, the manager of the Jerez hospital announced the implementation of this unit in the Jerez hospital center, although, to date, it is unknown what phase it is in. "It is necessary that the terms of the operations are met, at least the 180 days that is established, because there are women who can have complications while waiting, so the deficit of surgeons specialized in breast reconstruction must be remedied as soon as possible ”, says the VOX deputy.

Finally, Ángela Mulas will also request that the face-to-face primary care for these women in health centers, in order to alleviate the ailments suffered by the sequelae of treatment for your illness. “If these conditions are treated by a doctor in the health center, the entire bureaucratic process that would delay their treatment is eliminated and, on the other hand, they would decongest hospital emergencies which, at present, are collapsed ”, concludes the Andalusian parliamentarian.

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