Jerez, November 16, 2020. Ángela Mulas has reported that the VOX GP has asked the Junta de Andalucía to put a special focus on the province of Cádiz, because in addition to the endemic evil of unemployment and the lack of industrial fabric that has dragged on for decades, the consequences of the health and economic crisis generated by COVID-19 are causing very serious problems, which have put the province's economy in a critical situation that we hope does not become irreversible, since there are many people who will lose everything they have achieved in a life of effort and work, if we do not remedy it.

The VOX deputy has reported that her Parliamentary Group has been seeing how the Government of the Board has been making continuous appeals to the left for more than a month, requesting their contributions with more interest and even more delicately than those dedicated to VOX.

The initial intention of VOX was not having to come up with an amendment to the wholeFor this reason, from the Parliamentary Group we have worked since before the summer with the Ministry of Finance, but in the end, we have been forced to file an amendment to the whole. We have waited for a gesture until the last moment, but we have not seen it.

At VOX we believe that Andalusian families, self-employed workers and workers should be at the center of the negotiation, they are the ones who are suffering the very serious consequences of this harsh crisis and they are the ones who deserve that this government commits to developing how many actions are necessary to carry out their salvation, since otherwise we will find ourselves before a dantesque, dramatic scenario from which it will be difficult to get out, has remarked the VOX deputy in the Andalusian Parliament.

“We have presented more than 70 proposals of a general nature, plus some 30 of a provincial nature. There will be more or less 100 initiatives that we have registered for these budgets that must have a single objective: to save the Andalusian economy from bankruptcy ”, Angela Mulas has highlighted, who has also reported that VOX has requested the Government of the Board from Andalusia, as Indispensable condition to support the Andalusian budget, subsidize the quota of the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers, proportional to the time they are off work. As well as for the earnings that have stopped obtaining the days that they have been canceled.

"With these amendments we have wanted to show our absolute commitment to the primary sector of our province"

In addition, the VOX deputy has insisted on the importance that the primary sector has for Cádiz and that to protect it, the VOX GP has requested the launch of a agricultural aid program to combat unexpected situations, as well as a program to combat fraud in the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an endowment of not less than a million euros, so that our producers can protect themselves from third countries that are competing in the market Spanish protected by the EU treaties, and which are not required or the same traceability of the product, nor do they have to face Spanish wages, remember that a worker in Morocco charges the hour of work at 65 euro cents per hour.

Ángela Mulas considers that it should be a obligation for all political groups protect our producers, especially to self-employed and micro-SMEs, and for this we have also proposed the launch of a program against fraud in re-labeling (phytosanitary control of products from third countries).

In another vein, the GP VOX deputy has insisted, once again, on the importance of reviewing the agricultural insuranceIn fact, it was a condition that we already requested in the budgets passed to the Junta de Andalucía and it was incorporated as one of the points of the budget agreement signed with the PP y.Cs.

From VOX we consider that it was essential to carry out a study on this subject, in view of these new budgets, and for this reason, we have again requested to reform Royal Decree 63/1995 of March 14, to adapt it to the new conditions of the sector and focused on small farmers and ranchers (self-employed and micro-SMEs), with a special focus on innovation, research and development, has remarked Mulas.

Mulas has also announced that VOX has required the Junta de Andalucía to start-up of a provincial slaughterhouse, a request highlighted by all the cattle ranchers in the province who are forced to go to Seville to slaughter their cattle, is something fundamental and necessary and a just demand that must be carried out once and for all.

We also consider essential to combat the depopulation that especially the Sierra de Cádiz suffers, the launch of an aid program for young farmers, without discriminating between men or women from the perspective of business entrepreneurship, generational renewal and family development, Mulas highlighted.

"We must resuscitate the industry and for this it is necessary not only to invest in the budget but also to carry out a strategic plan that invests in professional training and works to attract resources and talent"

As for the industry of the province, We have demanded that the Board resume, reactivate and finalize the industrial project related to the Advanced Manufacturing Center of Cádiz.

Investing in family is investing in the future

Angela Mulas wanted to highlight that more than 20% of the total of these proposals are focused on families, they are the most important, and in these hard times they have to feel that the administration supports them, in this sense we have requested to develop a program for the effective integration of people with disabilities, minors and / or adults, as well as other disadvantaged groups, through informative and recreational activities (such as camps, workshops and conferences) that help to eliminate discriminatory barriers. We are thinking of autistics, children with traumatic family experiences, ADHD, etc.

In addition, the VOX deputy has explained that pFor VOX it is essential that families with a member with a disability must have the same tax advantages as large families. Between 33% and 65% will be considered a general large family and from 65% a special large family. Also for these families we propose a 30% increase in the budget dedicated to family respite programs.

We have also thought about those families in which some of their members suffer severe food allergies or intolerances, as is the case with celiac disease who are forced to pay for food up to five times more expensive, for this we have asked the Junta de Andalucía to develop a program of aid to families with serious food allergies and intolerances, with special reference to celiac disease.

In addition, at VOX we consider it necessary to promote and publicize the domestic violence telephone number, providing it with a budget of one million euros for its correct operation, or the implementation of a specific program in education for the development of "The natural family as the backbone of society"

Finally, the VOX deputy in Parliament wanted to highlight the need for the implementation of a line of guarantees for home purchase by young people and large families, in which the Board would provide a guarantee for 20% of the acquisition of the home.

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