August 6, 2020.– The VOX parliamentarian for the province of Cádiz, Ángela Mulas, thanked the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, for setting up the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit of the University Hospital of Puerto Real.

The regional deputy recalled that she already denounced in January that the Unit was prepared and ready to start up but that it was unknown what the reason was for not starting up. For this reason, he asked the counselor when the opening of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at the Puerto Real University Hospital was scheduled, and why its start-up was delayed so much.

Faced with this question, which is not yet answered, "We understand that from the organization they got down to work to put it into operation as soon as possible", The deputy has pointed out, explaining that she complained on several occasions about the occultism of the Andalusian Government every time she has asked about this Hospital Unit.

In the province of Cádiz there is only one Unit of these characteristics, inaugurated in April 2018, in the Jerez de la Frontera Hospital, which covers the districts of Jerez-Costa Noroeste and Sierra de Cádiz; and that treats more than 200 patients each year.

There is another Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at the San Carlos de San Fernando Hospital, which performs more than 1,000 procedures a year. This Unit provides coverage to the citizens of the Bay of Cádiz, and is shared with the existing Unit at the Puerta del Mar University Hospital in Cádiz.

And now it is the patients from the region of La Janda, Rota, El Puerto, or Puerto Real, who did not have coverage in the application of this type of therapy, who already benefit from this new Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, inaugurated in the University Hospital of Puerto Real.

The objective of this type of therapy is to reduce myocardial infarctions, hospital admissions and mortality from these types of causes.

"And all this has been thanks to the management we have carried out to speed up the start-up of the Unit by our Parliamentary Group Vox in Andalusia ", has explained.

Finally, Mulas thanked the counselor “That they choose to treat all Andalusians equally. This shows that he was right, that everything was ready to start this Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit. Without a doubt, a service that will mean an improvement in the quality of life of Andalusians ”.

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