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The 6 people helped, two of them minors, are in good health

They had entered into cavities built by themselves, known as "stoves or chimneys", among the merchandise of the truck

The Civil Guard has rescued and helped six people in the port of Melilla, two of them minors, who had hidden inside a truck carrying bulk scrap metal and was preparing to board a ship bound for the peninsula.

The action took place last Tuesday during the search carried out by the Civil Guard of the vehicles that embark on the ships, in order to avoid irregular immigration and avoid risks to the physical integrity of people who enter dangerous places.

This time, the alert was obtained by using the heartbeat detector on a trough that shipped a large amount of scrap metal in bulk.

When there were indications that a person or living being could be hidden among the merchandise after detecting heartbeats, the Cynological Service of the Command was activated, marking the dog specialized in the search for people with its barking insistently on the trough.

From that moment, the Registration Team of the Fiscal Section of the Dock began the search with the utmost care and risk, since this type of cargo is very dangerous and unstable. They had to remove piece by piece to avoid any accident, until they reached the cavities that the migrants make, known as “stoves or chimneys”, where they are hidden in order to enter ships as stowaways.

Six people, men, two of them minors and undocumented, were located there. All of them are in good health.

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