Manuel Martín Montero, provincial president of VOX Granada, has met in Mecina Bombarón with the coordinators of the area and the farmers of the region to explain the VOX initiatives regarding the use of anti-hail nets above the 900 meters level.

The Vox Provincial Group has promoted the support of the Alpujarra agriculture in the Diputación de Granada for its ecological and environmental value. Therefore, we ask the administrations responsible for the Sierra Nevada parks to become aware of the problem and authorize the placement of anti-hail meshes from June to September at levels above 900 meters and, in turn, suspend the sanctioning procedures and those initiated until the normative situation of the anti-hail meshes is clarified.

Due to the altitude and proximity to Sierra Nevada, between September and June, hailstorms are produced that destroy the crops of the region's farmers. VOX proposes as a solution to allow the installation of anti-hail meshes that work as protective covers, but the Rector Plan of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada prohibits the permanent installation of these meshes above the 900 meters level.

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