Guadalajara, May 27, 2019.- "It is truly impressive and surprising that coming from nowhere and with very little resources and resources, VOX has achieved these results in Guadalajara. Thanks to the 3,231 guadalajareños who have given us support in the capital. We are not going to disappoint you. It has been a magnificent result. " In this way the elected councilor of VOX summarizes in the City of Guadalajara, Antonio de Miguel the results obtained by the formation presided by Santiago Abascal in the Consistory of Guadalajara in the last municipal elections.

VOX has managed to enter the City of Guadalajara with two mayors. Antonio de Miguel and Francisco Javier Toquero will be the voice of VOX and of the guadalajareños in the new municipal Corporation that will be constituted next June 15th. "We are very happy because we are going to be part of the Guadalajara City Council and we will have a voice that can be the key to government," says Antonio de Miguel. But VOX will be a determining factor in the formation of the municipal government "provided that other formations such as Citizens are for the task of maintaining a right-wing government with Antonio Román in Guadalajara and preventing the left from governing."

However, Antonio de Miguel advances that, as already announced by the national president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, maintaining a right-wing government in the capital "will not be possible if sanitary cords or insults still exist. Whoever wants our support must be respectful and flexible, "he underlined.

VOX Guadalajara achieves the highest percentage of votes of Castilla-La Mancha

On the other hand, the president of VOX Guadalajara, Josué Martín, is "very satisfied" of the result obtained by the training in the province "because we will have voice and representation in 10 of the 11 municipalities in which we have presented municipal and for only 13 votes we could not get to enter Yunquera de Henares, "he laments.

However, the provincial president of VOX also highlights the fact that "Guadalajara is the province of all Castilla-La Mancha that VOX has achieved the highest percentage of votes in both the European and regional elections, which gives us more strength to continue working during these four years to carry out a work of implantation in all the province ".

Thus, in the European elections, VOX has obtained in the province of Guadalajara 10.93% of the vote (13762 votes), two points more than the average of Castilla-La Mancha (8.21%) and four points more than the national average (6.20%). The same happens with the results in the autonomic elections. Despite not obtaining parliamentary representation in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, VOX in Guadalajara has obtained the highest percentage of vote of training in the entire region with 12007 votes and 9.53%, which is more than two points above the average obtained by VOX in Castilla-L to Mancha (7.02%).

"These results do nothing more than ratify the good work we are doing in Guadalajara in just two months as a management board," says Josué Martín, who values ​​the 16 councilors obtained by the training in Guadalajara (2), Azuqueca de Henares (2), Villanueva de la Torre (2), Torrejón del Rey (2), Yebes (2), Chiloeches (2), Alovera (1), Cabanillas (1), El Casar (1) and Budia (1) , so "we are still waiting to see if we can obtain representation in the Provincial Council with 7751 votes and 6.08% obtained in the Guadalajara area."

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