Algeciras, November 30, 2020. The spokesman for the Municipal Group VOX has criticized that the PSOE is not capable of demanding the same from the nation's government as it demands from the municipal and regional governments.

Gallardo has stated that he is tired of the partisan use that the PSOE of people, and reproached the Municipal Socialist Group for using people in their personal battle of reds and blues, without stopping to think that while they argue there are people dying in hospitals, in residences, bankrupt freelancers, workers who have had to start getting in the hunger queues because they have lost their jobs and are not able to rejoin the labor market because the government led by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias is leaving the economy completely drained from this country.

"Of course, the Municipal VOX Group is in favor of greater measures for the elderly centers and residences, they built with their effort the present that we live today and they deserve all the best," Gallardo recalled, but it is not acceptable that The Socialist Group demands in other administrations where they are not in government what it is incapable of doing in the government of the nation.

Regarding the motion to support commerce, hospitality and street vending, Gallardo recalled that his municipal group has been the one that has presented the most initiatives in this regard, without having so far had the support of the rest of the Municipal Groups .

"At VOX we are clear about it, we work by and for people and so we will continue because even if our proposals fall on deaf ears, the public values ​​our effort and we owe it to them," concluded the VOX councilor.

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