Algeciras, July 29, 2020. VOX Algeciras has expressed its concern about the state of dirt and neglect presented by a significant number of neighborhoods in the city. This fact has been confirmed by the spokesman for the Municipal Group, Antonio Gallardo, after having carried out a round of meetings with different neighborhood groups that have conveyed their discontent with the current municipal cleaning plan.

Antonio Gallardo has denounced that it is a pity that in Algeciras there are absolutely forgotten neighborhoods in this matter, when those neighbors pay their municipal taxes and yet do not receive from the government team one of the most essential public services.

The VOX spokesman wanted to remind Landaluce that section 1 of article 26 of Law 7/1985 on the basis of the Local Regime, clearly specifies that cleaning is a municipal competence service and that it must be provided in the right way.

Given this situation, Gallardo has requested, through a request, the creation of a defined and public cleaning program, which includes actions by neighborhoods and that takes into account the opinion and criteria of the neighborhood groups that represent them.

In addition, the spokesperson for VOX in Algeciras, urges in his letter to the government team to renew the containers and litter bins of the city, and to carry out the replacement of broken or in poor condition containers, and also requests that they be increased in number.

Finally, Antonio Gallardo, also wanted to propose the possibility of incorporating a mobile clean point that goes through the neighborhoods to avoid the accumulation of old items that give the city such a bad image and that helps to recycle and collect domestic oils, motor oil , used clothes, paint containers, toys, lamps and bulbs, etc. To do this, Gallardo encourages Landaluce to take a look at the province's capital, Cádiz, to take a look at this excellent project he set in motion, the former governor of Cádiz and fellow party member Teófila Martínez.

Actions of this type, not only help to take care of the environment, but are an excellent way of achieving, that, among all, the city, looks beautiful and attractive to neighbors and visitors. There is no use talking about smart destinations, 2030 agendas, if we are not able to keep our city clean, the VOX spokesperson has concluded.

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