Our mayor, Ignacio Landaluce, will have to explain to the self-employed and families from Algeciras how their formation, the Popular Party, has left them lying Shielding himself in the “sense of state” and not putting himself in the shoes of Spanish families and small businessmen, who, like the people of Algeci, live a situation in these moments of real anguish, Gallardo has lamented.

Gallardo has highlighted that his political group registered amendments to the RD 463/2020 including two very important for the self-employed and families in particular, the third additional provision in which VOX proposed the suspension of compliance with tax obligations and with the social security of the self-employed and SMEs for the duration of the Alarm State, and the seventh and eighth provisions for which VOX proposed a 100% discount on VAT and taxes on the electricity bill and one moratorium on mortgage payment during this period of exceptionality.

The spokesman for the Municipal Group VOX regrets that the Popular Party has not endorsed these measures and has preferred to side with an irresponsible president who is demonstrating a nefarious management, instead of sided with the Spaniards who are suffering from it.

He also recalled that his group has registered a battery of measures in the town hall to help small businesses in the commerce and hospitality sector They are with their doors closed, suffocated by payments and without income, and he hopes that, on this occasion, Landaluce will not do the same as its president Pablo Casado and with his back to the groups most affected by the crisis in this city.

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