Algeciras November 25, 2020. From the Municipal Group of VOX Algeciras, and before the institutional events organized by the City Council of Algeciras, the following is clarified:

  1. On November 23, the Municipal Group of VOX presented a proposal for an institutional declaration on the occasion of the Day Against Violence Against Women, which is attached as an annex to this statement.
  2. From the Municipal Group VOX Algeciras we condemn any type of violence and demand the condemnation of all murderers, be they men or women.
  3. In recent years, some political parties and associations have instrumentalized girls and women through laws that collectivize and victimize them, presenting them as a homogeneous group, oppressed and incapable of fending for itself. These power groups try to divide society into exclusive groups with opposing interests, confronting the population to achieve their partisan interests.
  4. Thus, this November 25, VOX wants to be with all those people who have been victims of violence. We especially want to remember those women and girls who have been abandoned by sectarian feminism, for not being useful for its demands.
  5. VOX will continue to defend, as millions of Spaniards do, and increasingly, that violence has no gender, that the Comprehensive Law on Gender Violence is flagrantly unconstitutional, that no person is potentially abusive due to the fact of being born a man or a woman, that the best way to fight for the safety of women is, as Vox proposes, to increase the penalties for rapists and abusers, and that after hundreds of millions wasted in ideological bars, the number of deaths at the hands of their partners or ex-partners It does not decline, so this phenomenon must be approached with a broader and more sociologically correct perspective, domestic violence, which will protect women, men, children and the elderly equally.

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