To thegeciras April 14, 2020.- The municipal group VOX asked this morning at the Board of Spokespersons about the aid that the Algeciras city council has put in place to help families from Algeciras who are going through situations of social emergency due to the economic and health crisis of COVID-19.

Gallardo has regretted that the government team has only limited itself to informing the spokesmen of the different opposition groups that in these weeks 160,000 euros have been invested, but it has not specified nor in what type of actions has this amount been spent, or how many families have been helped. "

The VOX spokesperson regrets that Landaluce and his team may not be able to abandon obscurantism and the opacity in their management, which unfortunately they have accustomed to opposition groups, not even in times of urgency and extreme need.

In addition, Gallardo wanted to remember that article 43.5 of the Municipal Organic Regulation establishes clearly that the Board of Spokespersons is an advisory body regarding the political decisions or operation of the mayor's office, not a place where “sell image to the opposition and not give the proper explanations ”.

It is a pity that while many families from Algeciras do not have to pay for their basic supplies, or to eat, or our freelancers are still confined to their homes with their businesses closed without generating a single euro, the government team does not give due explanations to the opposition when asked about these aspects, and spend a good part of the session talking about the fair.

"I do not think that the algecireños feel like a fair at the moment, the algecireños only want this crisis to pass as soon as possible and that they can return to their occupations and tasks, something that, unfortunately today, is in the air", Gallardo has finished.

For this reason, the VOX group will ask the government team for all the information regarding aid to families and the self-employed, not only to find out if they are being properly managed, but also to present the corresponding proposals with the aim of improving the quality of life. of people affected by this crisis.

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