The spokesman for the municipal group VOX, Antonio Gallardo, calls on Landaluce don't lie when you say that the team Local police It has all the means of protection against the coronavirus crisis that has already registered the first cases in our city.

"In the extraordinary board of spokespersons held last Monday, the mayor ensured that the entire Local Police team had all kinds of measures for their protection, and after the news was known, the phone did not stop ringing with calls from different members of the police force, which assured that not only were the mayor's statements not true, but that they did not have sufficient means to face this harsh health crisis and that the staff was afraid of being infected, "said Gallardo.

The VOX municipal group He has learned that currently local police officers have a single mask for each and gloves, but do not have disinfectant gel when they are exhausted.

Gallardo affirms that he can come to understand the difficulty of the city council to find a stock of protection products, since the production market for this type of products may have been overwhelmed, as it has happened, when generating an exponentially greater demand than the production prior to the arrival of this pandemic, but he assures not being able to understand that the mayor is so irresponsible to take his chest and boast of a situation that is not the most suitable for our agents and that jeopardizes your safety.

"It would have been more humble for him to say that the government team is doing everything possible to provide the best measures to the local police force, than to boast of poor measures and a protocol that does not exist", Gallardo has lamented.

In addition, representatives of local police officers have stated that there is no type of Action Protocol for this emergency designed, something they do not understand given the severity of this crisis and the easy spread that the virus says the health authorities have. In fact, these same representatives have expressed their concern at the situation, since, if any of them contracted the virus, in a couple of weeks, the staff could be depleted with the serious inconveniences that this situation would generate for citizens.

On the other hand, Vox He has been able to learn through different local police that the agents who are in second activity have them working with surveillance functions of public centers that are currently closed, instead of having them in reserve at home to replace the casualties that may arise of the effects of the pandemic in the city.

From VOX we are aware that these are moments of being united to fight against this difficult situation, but what we cannot let pass is that the algecireños are deceived by showing them a parallel reality as the government team with Landaluce in front of us has already accustomed us in Other themes.

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