The mayor of Algeciras, Ignacio Landaluce, hides the work of the opposition, who is vetoed not only in Onda Algeciras, but on all social channels, Antonio Gallardo has been so forceful to express his discomfort about the lack of information that Algeciras have about the activity carried out by the opposition parties in the city and that is covered not only on television public, but on all channels and digital profiles that the city council has open.

In fact, it only takes a search on the municipal television website to verify that, for example, not a single press release from our municipal group is posted on public television, in fact, the only and brief information on our group refers to the expulsion of the former number 2, Jorge Domínguez, and some allusion to the activity of the party at the national level.

From VOX we see "too many coincidences" in the information management of a medium that is publicly owned and that must represent all the algecireños, in fact, the information is being denied to the 3,555 algecireños who voted for VOX in the past municipal elections and that with their taxes also support public television.

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