The spokesman for the municipal group VOX, Antonio Gallardo, will register a package of proposals with the aim of helping city entrepreneurs to mitigate the serious economic effects that the already declared pandemic of the “will have for the cityCoronavirus”, Which has already arrived in the town after the first case was registered at the Punta Europa hospital and the decree of the State of Alarm by the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was known.

The city's hospitality and commerce sectors cannot afford a further twist, especially the establishments in the historic center that barely have the resources to survive, given the serious crisis of business closures that our town and the city are experiencing. that despite the more or less successful attempts of the government team, they have still not been able to leave.

Now more than ever we must join efforts and work together to alleviate this complex situation that has come upon us and in which some establishments have already started to notice from the beginning of this week.

Small companies are going to suffer especially this situation especially the sectors of the Commerce and the hostelry that they will be the most affected in these next weeks and we must support those who have the capacity to generate employment and wealth for our locality, for this reason, from the VOX municipal group we want to urge the municipal government team to carry out the following actions:

  • 100% IBI bonus in their homes in the section that corresponds to the City Council for all those merchants, owners of a business in Algeciras, who appear as eregistered in the city before February 1, 2020.
  • Rebate and even suppression of the garbage rate to merchants with respect to the receipt in the current year 2020.
  • Removal of the tax on terraces to bars and restaurants for the current year 2020.
  • Deletion of a semester or what is the same, 50% bonus in municipal taxes for the vendors of the Algeciras street market.
  • Deletion of a semester or what is the same, 50% bonus in municipal taxes for merchants in our municipal fixed markets.
  • Flexibility Bounded in time of hours for the hospitality and leisure sector that allows to recover some of what is lost to the businessmen of the sector once the crisis is over.
  • Extend by one quarter ALL citizen obligations to our City Council subject to deadlines (taxes, fees, licenses, etc …) from the end of the pandemic declaration issued by the competent authority.

From VOX, we hope that the municipal team takes into account these proposals that have a single objective to help our merchants and hoteliers to better manage this dramatic situation.

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