The Vicesecrtario General of territorial policy of the Popular Party, Antonio González Terol, has left us these headlines in his intervention in "The Mornings of RNE".

He criticizes that Pedro Sánchez says that in Catalonia there are “small tumults”
and yet I had to visit Barcelona yesterday with escorts with submachine guns
and a bulletproof case. “It seems that the small conatos of violence to the
security of the acting president, who are the subject matter experts,
if they worried them, ”he says.

It affects the need to take urgent measures in Catalonia
reactive and preventive as the National Security Law, modify the Law
Audiovisual or the provision of measures to prevent indoctrination in the
Bet on a reform of the Criminal Code that includes improper rebellion
or the illegal referendum, of which Quim Torra has already spoken again.

Denounces that the acting Government “has decided not to work” and
maintains its agreements in 40 municipalities with ERC and JuntsxCat in
Catalonia and in the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​pacts that “prevent you from taking
decisions with the forcefulness due ”.

Throw a message to the FCSE and those who have been “injured, assaulted and
insulted ”in some riots that“ have been a true Kale Borroka ”.

He claims that instead of having conversations with ERC, the Executive of
Pedro Sánchez should have talked to Torra to tell him to abide by the
law and condemns violence and wonders if Lastra's call to Rufián
It was to see how they maintain their government agreements in Catalonia.

He reiterates that the PP is the only party that has not changed his speech on
what needs to be done, “the problem is that Sánchez says one thing in Madrid
and a different one in Catalonia ”.

He assures that when Pablo Casado wins the elections next 10
November “we will start working the next day to build a
Common sense government that allows us to make economic reforms
that our country needs to continue growing ”.

Call to bet on the ballot headed by Pablo Casado with the
spirit of Spain Add and maximize the number of deputies that allow
win the elections to the PP and that the left does not govern in Spain.

Regrets that the lifting of deliveries on account for CC. AA by
part of the Government arrives "late and bad", and states that the fact that
do "three weeks before the elections" reflects electoralism and
Acting government short-term.

“The PP would never have played with the resources of public health, of the
education or social services because when we govern
we defend the interests of all Spaniards, of those who vote for us
and of those who don't. ”

"Franco's exhumation is not going to take out the three million
unemployed from the unemployment situation. The PP is in reviving the economy
and in the lowering of taxes ”.

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