In the same place where the Popular Party denounced last February the breaches of the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez in relation to the National 330, the list leaders of the formation for next Sunday's elections, Alberto Herrero and Manuel Blasco, to show that the machines for the rehabilitation of a “vital” infrastructure for the province would have to be working there.

Next to them has been the Deputy Secretary General of Territorial Policy of the Popular Party, Antonio González Terol, and the mayors of Teruel and Books, Emma Buj and Raúl Arana. There all the popular representatives have publicly denounced the “abandonment” of the Socialist Executive with the province of Teruel and its inhabitants.

González Terol has described this infrastructure as “essential”, a fact demonstrated with the presentation by the then president of the Government of the action plan that they were going to develop in this road. As Rajoy said during the presentation of the 300×100 Plan, the first section Teruel-Villastar had a set of 13 million euros, while the second had reserved 93 million euros.

As he has denounced, this infrastructure “has disappeared” from the forecasts of the Ministry of Development and Minister Ábalos. A "change in direction" of this road that "has been caused by the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy and has enabled us to have Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government in office today."

In this sense, the head of the list to the Congress of Deputies, Alberto Herrero, has claimed that "the budgets that the Popular Party approved for the province of Teruel are met." Accounts that contemplated the “priority” action in this vial.

"For us it is essential," he added, while criticizing that the current situation of the National 330 is a "clear example" of the "inaction" of the Government of Sanchez with the province. "We deserve a president who believes in Teruel and does not put sticks on the wheels," he added.


González Terol has cited the inaction on the Teruel-Cuenca highway, the “precipitous and little announced” closure of the Andorra Thermal Power Plant and the “abandonment” of the 300×100 Plan as verifications of how harmful the Government is acting in the PSOE's functions to the province.

"There is a speech by the Socialists about depopulated Spain in Madrid and, however, they do not care about the affected families in the small municipalities of the province," he added, criticizing in turn that the PSOE "wanted to retransform under another name "the broadband extension plan" to say that it will do what they directly paralyzed sixteen months ago. "


In contrast to this, González Terol has stressed that "Teruel counts and is very important" for the Popular Party. "We have the Turolenses and we will be able to reverse the fiscal hell to which the Government of Lambán is subjected with an Executive of the Popular Party," he said, "will manage to turn around the figures of unemployment and economic slowdown." To this end, it has pointed to the 'popular' program in which the elimination of taxes such as inheritance, donations and equity is contemplated, as well as the IRPF reduction with below 40% and that of Companies at levels below 20%.

Special attention has been paid by the Popular Party candidates to economic policy and unemployment figures. In reference to the visit of the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, Herrero has warned that "whenever a representative of the Government of Spain comes to give an ax to the Turolenses."

He has also demanded that the socialist leader “apologize” to the 641 unemployed more than there are in Teruel for the statements on the day that the “bad data” of October was known. "We cannot allow a government that has damaged both the province and the only option to throw Pedro Sánchez de La Moncloa through the Popular Party," he stressed.

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