• It ensures that the CIS differs from all the surveys published so far that they co-contribute to a clear rise of the PP as the only alternative to the left and Pedro Sánchez.
  • He criticizes that Tezanos is "bordering" the embezzlement of public flows by the electoralist use of the CIS that has become the center of socialist research.
  • It affects that, after the slam of Cs, Spain Suma is now the ballot of the PP with Pablo Casado at the head.
  • "We have great hope to advance the PSOE and win the general elections on November 10."
  • He emphasizes the concern of citizens because socialist policies once again plunge Spain into a new economic crisis, while recalling that the PP is the party that has twice recovered the economy and created seven million jobs.
  • He affirms that it is the first time that the Central Electoral Board opens a file to a president and a government spokeswoman. "We started with social Fridays and the tortuous use of the CIS, which was also noticed by the JEC, and now we have had breakfast with an interview of Sánchez from La Moncloa."
  • He reiterates that the PSOE confuses the public "with that of his party" and asks "to stand on the wall and make fair play" because it is "very serious" that Pedro Sánchez uses the state institutions to benefit his party.

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