 This is the ninth early amortization made by the Treasury, reducing the outstanding capital to € 23.7 billion

 Early amortization means interest savings due to the best financing conditions currently available to the Treasury.

 The Executive Director of the MEDE ensures that these payments "further strengthen investor confidence in the Spanish economy"

The Board of Directors of the European Stability Mechanism (MEDE) today approved the request made by Spain for the early repayment of € 3 billion of the loan signed between 2012 and 2013. After repayment, Spain's outstanding debt with the MEDE is It will amount to € 23.7 billion.

The amortization will allow Spain to save interest over the life of the loan, due to the best financial conditions to which the Treasury currently has access.

This early amortization, the ninth carried out by Spain, strengthens the financial autonomy of the Treasury and sends a message of confidence to the markets. This was stated by Klaus Regling, Executive Director of the European Stability Mechanism, stating that "this series of advanced payments further reinforce investor confidence in the Spanish economy."

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