The three motions presented in the Plenary of the Almería Provincial Council by VOX have gone ahead, including the one referring to Mental Health has been unanimously approved by the political groups.

The intention is that this motion was made institutional, but at the proposal of the PSOE it has had to be debated for its approval. It has been presented on the occasion of World Mental Health Day and VOX transfers the work and effort made by groups that work with people who suffer some kind of mental impairment and that they constantly fight to make society aware of the serious problem suffered by a part of our population. He intends to continue promoting policies for sensitization and awareness of the population in matters of mental health and, in addition, the commitment of the Provincial Council to promote greater care and help to people affected by some type of mental illness is requested.

Regarding the motion to fight, tell the squatting and trespassing, has been approved with the votes in favor of the Popular Party and Citizens. The PSOE, oblivious to this problem, has decided to abstain.

For training it is essential tackling a problem that is increasingly present in the province of Almería and it is a social scourge.

They have requested, in the approved motion, that Diputación study the creation of a body of support and legal advice against the phenomenon of squatting. It is also requested that the procedural legislation be amended enabling the Security Forces and Bodies to evict the squatters immediately and criminal offenses against property be considered a serious crime.

The last motion defended by the spokesman for the provincial group, Juan Francisco Rojas, is aimed at reactivate tourism in our province. It has been approved with the votes in favor of PP and Ciudadanos. The PSOE has abstained.

For VOX this sector is essential and its reactivation involves making the ERTE more flexible, the relief of tax burdens on companies, campaigns that reinforce the image of Spain as a tourist destination and streamline European aid funds.

The provincial group VOX is satisfied for the approval of its proposals and continues to work for the welfare of the province of Almería.

On the other hand, the new provincial deputy of VOX, Isidro Ferrio. Born in Toledo 70 years ago, he has all his life living in Adra (over 40 years old), where are you from councilor by VOX. Businessman by profession. He is married and has three children. Isidro begins his career as a provincial deputy with the ultimate illusion.

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