Since VOX training, they are aware of the need for revitalization and revitalization of the downtown area and the historic center. These actions are already included in the electoral program and in this sense a motion has been made to the City Council, in which they urge the adoption of measures, within the framework of municipal powers, that facilitate the installation of a cinema, in The center of our city.

It has been possible to verify these past days with the celebration of the XVIII edition of the International Film Festival of Almería-FICAL 2019, in which the eStrecha linking our city with the seventh art. Despite this, people living in the downtown area are forced to move to some commercial area of ​​the periphery, in order to enjoy this show. In this way, it is facilitated for groups and people with difficulty in traveling to access these rooms and on the other hand, it serves as a stimulation and stimulus to the nearby premises. The Government team is then urged to search for a suitable municipal premises for this purpose, as well as to proceed as legally provided (by public tender) to be awarded, under a lease, for said destination.

This motion has been approved in the plenary of the City Council last Thursday without the support of the PSOE.

In addition, the VOX Municipal Group in the City Hall of the capital, being aware of the importance of the agricultural sector in the economy of our province, which represents 40% of our GDP and accounts for 29% of the employed population. It has echoed the call for help made by the different agricultural agents affected (unions, marketers and farmers themselves), which had its peak with the demonstration through the streets of our city on November 19, which The National President, Santiago Abascal attended.

This motion classifies the focus of the sector's problems into 3 large blocks:

  • Prices: Large imbalances between the price of origin and the final price of the product, which the consumer suffers, running the farmers with all the risks.
  • Production costs: The reality shows that sometimes it is up to 10 times more expensive to produce in Spain, compared to competing countries (water, labor, phytosanitary products …)
  • Unfair Competition: Derived from the alarming passivity from our Administrations in the control of import quotas from other countries, derived from agreements or treaties, which are also not subject to the same quality controls and requirements as the farmers of our land.

In addition, we want to convey a message of support to our farmers, urging them to remain united, in the defense of the interests of their sector, which is also that of many of our families, linked in some way or another to the field.

This motion, passed last Thursday, has resulted in a joint institutional statement of all the groups of the plenary of the City Council.

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