Representatives of the medical unions of Aragon, CESM and FASAMET, have expressed their fatigue amid the outbreaks. "We have returned to where we were at the beginning of the pandemic," they have referred to Santiago Morón, with whom they have held a meeting that has been held at the headquarters of the unions.

These medical unions consider that to face the pandemic "there is no regulation and also a lack of leadership." On many occasions the management of the health crisis is left to the good will of the professionals, they have denounced. "Little has been legislated, few regulations have been published."

CESM Aragón and FASAMET have also criticized the lack of dialogue on the part of the Government of Aragon. And they have demanded that professionals take part in the decisions.

The lack of support for professional organizations, which have knowledge in resource management and represent the worker, has once again become apparent in this COVID 19 crisis.

Mercedes Ortín and Manuel Muñoz on behalf of CESM Aragón, and Leandro Catalán on behalf of FASAMET, have raised the main demands of the medical group with the spokesperson for VOX in Aragon. They have also advanced that the fall is going to be hot. And they have pointed out the recipe to get out of this health crisis: "we must learn from those who have done it well."

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